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We offer retrofit kits for electric tailgates for over 250 different car models. You can upgrade your car with a functionality that is otherwise only available in luxury cars.

The retrofit kits are manufactured to the highest quality standards. You get quality at the original manufacturer level.

The following video shows the retrofit kit using the example of a Range Rover Sport from 2011.

The smartHatch electric tailgate lifts offer you the following functions:

  • 4 ways to open your trunk:
    • Remote controlled via your car key
    • Button on the trunk lid or on the tailgate
    • Button in the dashboard (vehicle interior, depending on the manufacturer)
    • Foot sensor below the rear bumper (optional)
  • Soft-Close function with pinch protection
  • User friendly and individual storage of the height of the tailgate opening
  • Beep when opening and closing the trunk

Our retrofit kits are designed as a simple do-it-yourself installation for skilled do-it-yourselfers. You will also receive illustrated assembly instructions.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us! We will answer as soon as possible!

You don't trust the installtion? No problem!

We would be happy to contact your car service shop near you and discuss the installation with them.